美国邮政总局地面优势 十大网堵平台 is an affordable 和 reliable way to send packages inside the U.S.

  • 运往美国所有50个州.S. military bases, territories, possessions, 和 Freely Associated States.
  • 的主要选项 sending hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that can’t go by air.
  • 起价仅为4美元.在邮局买75英镑 位置. (以 增强Click-N-Ship® 十大网堵平台 并获得更低的商业利率. 业务es can get additional savings by opting in to the 商业价目表.)

船现在 美国邮政总局地面优势价格


For businesses interested in getting commercial pricing for 美国邮政总局地面优势, using 美国邮政总局地面优势 Return to manage customer returns, or learning other ways 美国邮政总局 can power up your shipping 和 logistics, 了解更多网投十大娱乐平台商业选择的信息, or if you’re ready now, get in touch with a 美国邮政总局® 专家.



特性 & 定价

Ground Advantage packages are delivered in 2-5 business days1 和美国邮政总局追踪® 十大网堵平台费已包含在价格中. See more details on 十大网堵平台 features, ways to pay for 和 print postage, 和 other benefits below.

  • 我们最优惠的价格十大网堵平台的物品不超过15.999 oz, based on weight (rounded up to 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 和 15.999盎司)和区域(距离).
  • 大于15个的包裹.999 oz are charged by the pound up to 70 lbs (rounded up).
  • Pay for postage using stamps, a self-十大网堵平台 kiosk, Click-N-Ship, or at a Post Office.
  • 包括转发, 无法按地址投递(UAA), 和 return to sender (RTS) at no additional cost.
  • 美国邮政总局标签递送 十大网堵平台: Even if you don't have a printer, you can still ship online using 增强Click-N-Ship® 十大网堵平台-额外的1美元.25 per label, we'll print an outbound label 和 deliver it to you.
  • 免费领取包裹2 在家里或办公室.
  • $100 insurance is included (for both outbound 和 return shipments), 你最多可以买5美元,000 in additional coverage against loss or damage for merch和ise.
  • 的主要选项 sending hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that are only mailable using Ground Transportation.



看到保险 & 额外十大网堵平台

重量、尺寸、 & 形状要求

Learn more about the Ground Advantage pricing tiers that are based on the weight, 大小, 和包装的形状. You’ll pay for your package based on how much it weighs 和 how far it’s going (the zone). Also, you’ll need to use your own packaging 和 measure it to make sure it meets the 大小 st和ards.


Large 信封 (flats) Being Treated as Packages

You’ll need to pay the Ground Advantage price if you have a large 一流的邮件 envelope that is:

  • 刚性(不能弯曲)
  • Non-rectangular (square, or taller than it is wide)
  • 不均匀厚(块状)
  • Longer than 11 和 1/2", higher than 6 和 1/8”, or thicker than 1/4".

最多15个包.999 oz

  • Price tiers are: up to 4 oz; up to 8 oz; up to 12 oz; 和 up to 15.999 oz. Round up to the nearest tier: For example, if your package weighs 4.2盎司,你要付8盎司的价钱.
  • 超过15项.999 oz round up to 1 lb 和 pay pound-rate prices.


  • 最大重量是70磅.
  • 超过15项.999 oz (which rounds up to 1 lb), rates are by the pound (lb), rounded up. 例如,如果你的包裹重8磅.3磅,你就得付出9磅的代价.
  • Maximum combined length 和 girth (girth is the distance around the thickest part) is 130 inches. 测量包裹的技巧


Double-check your package measurements: You’ll pay additional fees if you’re shipping a large, 轻量级包装或非标准尺寸. 更多细节见下文.

提示: 使用美国邮政总局® Price Calculator tool to calculate your domestic postage costs. You'll need to know your package’s weight, shape, 和 大小 measurements.





Dimensional (DIM) weight rates apply to large, lightweight packages. If your package is larger than 1 cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches):

  1. Multiply Length x Width x Height 和 divide by 166 to get the DIM weight in pounds.
  2. If the DIM weight is greater than the actual package weight, you’ll need to pay the DIM weight price.

If you omit or give inaccurate dimensions 和/or don’t pay the DIM weight rate (when it applies), 你将支付不符合尺寸的费用.


You’ll pay an extra fee for sending a nonst和ard 大小. 费用根据长度和立方英尺的不同而不同:


  • 长度在22到30英寸之间:加4美元.00
  • 长度超过30英寸:加收7美元.00
  • More than 2 cubic feet (3,456 cubic inches): add $15.00



邮件限制 & 禁忌

There are specific regulations 和 st和ards for mailing restricted, 禁止, 有害物质, 包括香烟和无烟烟草.

国内限制 & 禁止携带物品

Learn more about what items you may 和 may not mail within the U.S.

国内航运禁令 & 限制

Shipping to a 军事 Post Office (APO/FPO/DPO)

You'll pay domestic prices for packages shipped to a 军事 Post Office (APO/FPO/DPO), but these destinations require a customs form 和 have specific restrictions.

军事 & 外交邮件

Learn more about how to send mail 和 packages to loved ones overseas.



美国邮政总局 underst和s what's most important to our business customers: speed, 可购性, 安全, 以及客户十大网堵平台. We help businesses provide these 十大网堵平台s 和 resources to your customers at discounted rates.

商务寄件人须知: The Postal Service allows a grace period to implement 美国邮政总局地面优势™ Service Type Codes (STCs) until October 31, 2023. 要了解更多信息,请参阅 PostalPro 行业预警.


Get discounted rates on business shipping with a few options:

  • 使用 增强Click-N-Ship® 十大网堵平台 以获得更低的商业利率. (Plus, businesses can get additional savings on select 十大网堵平台s by opting in to the 商业价目表.)
  • A Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA) is available for larger volume shippers who meet the minimum volume requirements.


You can use 美国邮政总局地面优势 Return as a convenient option for customers who need to send items back. 出境和退货都包括100美元的保险.


如果你出货量大或量小, 沉重的物品, you can get cubic prices that are based on the package 大小 和 distance it’s going instead of its weight.


Save on label printing costs; we can print 和 deliver the label to you for a $1.25元(每张标签). You can also request return labels for your customers. 可以通过 增强的点击-发送十大网堵平台美国邮政总局网站工具® api.

Ready to take advantage of these business options? 今天就十大网堵平台.



1. 可邮寄物品达70磅. 预计2-5个工作日交货. Packages going to certain places (including Alaska, 夏威夷, 和海外目的地), or containing hazardous materials or live animals may receive slower 十大网堵平台回来^
2. 有关免费取件的详情,请浏览网页 美国邮政总局.com/pickup回来^